Since more than 10 years iSencia provides modular solutions for automatisation and follow-up of business processes in divers business domains.
Our customers consider our IT solutions as a profitable investment due to the longterm, positive impact on their company evolution. Our relation with them is much more than just a customer-provider relationship, it is more a unique synergetic entity.
And this is a major pillar of our success.

What do we offer ?

We offer our customers some standard iSencia products, usable in diverse domains. Additionally we can serve them on-demand extensions or customisations on these products.
Or you prefer more flexibility and a 100% customized solution. Then we will get on with you and your expertise to develop a complete on-demand solution and integrate it in your existing environment.

  • Our products

    • Passerelle EDM (Enterprise Decision Management) is a modular and open solutions platform for designing, executing and managing automated and interactive workflows and processes. It combines a process engine and a rules engine with support for interactive and automated data acquisition and control actions
    • Maestro for Manufacturing (MFM) is a MES systeem (Manufacturing Execution System) with ERP functionalities, for usage in the traditional process manufacturing and batch process control application domain. MFM supports industries where processes are mainly driven by automated (external) controllers.
      For the moment mainly industrial bakeries worldwide rely on Maestro for Manufacturing, but the product is perfectly suitable for all bulk-related industries.
    • Maestro for Cleanrooms (MFC) is a MES systeem (Manufacturing Execution System) with ERP functionalities, for usage in the discrete manufacturing application domain. The focus is on the management of manual or semi-automated process execution.
      MFC is currently used in cleanrooms and other hight-tech research domains.
  • Our services

    • iSencia is a software services and solutions provider, specializing in frameworks and platforms for intelligent process automation and decision management. Our proprietary frameworks SherpaBeans and Passerelle allow us to develop solutions in no time and integrate them in the existing infrastructure.
      Our offerings are based on extensive internal investments in R&D and have been applied in several high-profile domains, e.g. large telecom operators, leading scientific research institutions and global healthcare corporations.
      Over the years we build extensive excellence in:
      • Enterprise Decision Management
      • e-Business
      • Alerting
      • Business Intelligence
      • Tracking en Tracing
      • Our customers are small & medium sized enterprizes and non-profit organizations, as well in Belgium as abroad. We guide the complete application creation process, from analysis to end-user training. We are also concerned with integrating our solution in your existing IT infrastructure.
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